TJ's tipsI'm excited to be officially starting with SBP for the new WEB-SITE launch on Jan. 1st/2023!

TJ's tips's biography:

My name is Thomas James and I’m born, raised and living in Australia. I’m 43 and work as a water treatment operator. After years of betting with on/off success on horse racing (and being a huge fan of U.S sports) I decided to try sports betting. 5 years on and the thrill of the challenge to beat the books is as strong as ever.

I bet on MLB, NFL, NBA,NHL,NCAAB, NCAAF. I try to keep my plays to no more than 3 per day. I’m very selective and that sometimes means if I don’t like the games or don’t see an edge anywhere, I’m happy to wait for another day. I was placed 1st in the most recent Sports Phenoms 100 pick challenge on Twitter , and will try my utmost to provide the best plays I possibly can. I don’t believe in game of the month or game of the year plays and believe money management play a key roll in long term success.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my into. Can’t wait to get started, let’s work hard, try our best, and beat the books together!

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